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Business creation

Based in the Principality of Andorra and in France, Platine Solution specializes in advising on the creation of companies in Andorra and has the means on site to respond to the creation, management, organization and domiciliation of our clients' companies.

There are mainly two types of structures in force in Andorra

The Limited Company

  • The SL (Société Limitée) is the type of company that comes close to the French SARL.

  • Its minimum capital requirement is 3.000 euros.

  • It can only be made up of one partner. It is then called SLU (Limited Company One Person).

The Anonyme Society

  • The SA (Anonyme Society) in Andorra requires a minimum capital of 60,000 euros.

  • It can also have only one partner and becomes a SAU (Société Anonyme Unipersonnelle).

The Limited Company (SL ou SLU)

Limited Compagny (S.L.)

This is the training of choice for most small businesses and it is the Andorran equivalent of a limited liability company. A Societat Limitada must have capital of € 3,000 at the time of its incorporation.

Limited Compagny Unipersonal (S.L.U.)

Essentially a Limited Company has only one shareholder (hence the "one-man"). Likewise, an S.L.U. must have capital of € 3,000 at the time of its establishment.

The Anonyme Compagny (SA)

Compagny Anonyme (S.A.)

Large companies that want a multiple shareholding structure will want to opt for this type of company registration. With 60,000 €, the minimum capital is higher for a public limited company.

Steps in the business creation process in Andorra

Once you have defined the type of business, the process is fairly simple. Here are the steps to creating a company:

  • Registering a name: The idea here is to make sure that your company name cannot be easily confused with a name that is already registered. Any language that uses Latin characters can be used for the name; it no longer needs to be in Catalan.

  • Request for incorporation of Andorran company: This is a fairly intensive process which requires that you provide a fully documented business plan, draft articles of incorporation, identity documents for all directors, including verifications criminal record from your country of birth and your country of residence, and proof from your Andorran bank that you have an account with the required amount of capital deposited on it.

  • Have your business registered by a notary: You must hire a notary to register your business in the Register of Commercial Companies.

  • Fill out the government registration form: This step includes submitting a copy of your business lease to the municipality and requesting a tax identification number from the tax administration.

Platine Solutions vous accompagne dans vos démarches de création de société, de résidence ficale en Andorre. ( société offshore - Création de société - Résidence à Andorre - avantage fiscale Andorre - centre d'affaires andorre )

You do not live in Andorra? No problem !

Since the new economic regulations adopted in 2012, following a series of deregulations carried out since 2008 in order to encourage foreign investment in the country, the possibilities of creating or establishing an offshore company in Andorra for non -residents in the Principality are simplified.


In addition, they offer them the same rights as the citizens of the country , provided however that the request for establishment of their company on the territory is approved by the "Department of Foreign Investments", placed under the supervision of the Government.


The latter was created to encourage international investment in Andorra. It defines certain requirement criteria with regard to the nature of the activity of the company in more than 200 areas of competence: commerce, tourism, new technologies, education, building, etc.

How and or ask for the Hague Apostille

For French tax residents or people born in France


The request for an extract from your criminal record is made directly online ( by clicking here ).

Once you have downloaded your extract from the criminal record, you must return it by post accompanied by the cerfa N ° 15705 * 01 ( downloadable here ) duly completed and signed.


The documents must then be sent accompanied by an envelope mentioning your address and sufficiently stamped for the return of the original as well as a photocopy of your identity card or passport.


Here is the address for sending the documents:


Cour d'appel de Rennes
Service des apostilles
Place du parlement de Bretagne
CS 66423
35064 Rennes cedex



Notice requesting an apostille on an extract from the criminal record ( downloadable here )

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